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Ona: The RPG
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Updates- Enoch- 8/11/03

Its pretty late here in Kentucky. Almost 1:00am. Pretty tired, but I'm done with the chatroom site. Appreciate it, cause thats all I can do at this hour. Freeservers has a pretty good Web-Designing program, so I might move Ona:The RPG to Freeservers sometime. Well, I'm dead tired as hell. No updates today, or tomorrow probably. School starts tomorrow...

Heres the link for the chatroom till I put it up


Updates- Shikore 6/2/03
Hello! This is Shikore. ^-^ I have been assigned to the help build the website team! ^^ LOL. Anyways, i'm just getting acquainted with everything so far so i don't know what to do or how to rpg here. *Sigh* Please sign the guest book! ^-^ Ja ne!


DART 8/9/03
<IIIIII{:::::::::::::::::::::::::>  no updates yet

Please donnot steal any of the items found on  thissite except for images and the files on Multimedia. Please donnot take my images and out them onto your site without permission. Thank you for your cooperation.

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